Founder Rachael Paulson

Founder Rachael Peterpaul Paulson
In the early ’90s, HOW Global CEO and Founder Rachael Paulson, found herself wondering what was missing in her life. A dreamer and mother of two, she lived what might have seemed the perfect life. She had retired from teaching special education for 15 years and was now at home rearing her children. She had a hard-working husband and a enjoyed a roof over her head in a beautiful suburban neighborhood. Her career as a children’s author and speaker kept her busy, but Rachael still felt something was missing.

Then in 2005, a United Nations partner, the Global Water Initiative, asked her to produce a children’s book about South African girls and women that were walking six miles each day to find water. The area was home to 700 school villages without water, electricity or food security. After visiting in person in 2006, Rachael felt her calling was clear.

It was then that Rachael made the decision to dedicate all of the proceeds from her books to to fund a program to bring water to more than 50,000 people. The program focuses on sustainability and community buy-in and features a model she calls a Green Hub.

In 2009, The National Groundwater Association selected her from among 3000 candidates for the annual Honorary Member Award. Her alma mater, Keane University, honored her as a distinguished alumna. In 2010, her former home, Sussex County, New Jersey, awarded her Humanitarian of the Year. Also that year, Rachael was invited to speak in Australia at the United Nations Global Health conference regarding women’s health issues in connection with water and sanitation. Rachael has participated on United Nations panels and works as a consultant to other NGO’s working to develop sustainability strategies. Her environmental work has been recognized by Al Gore, Barbara Bush, Jane Goodall and Pope Benedict XVI.

Dedicated to the principles of sustainability and community empowerment, Rachael engages individuals and organizations, doctors and engineers, students and researchers from around the world to participate in supporting these developing communities. She mentors youth, age five through young adult, inspiring and empowering them to make a difference in their world. Rachael also mentors premed, engineering and agricultural students whose work has won awards, grants and funding that allow them to apply their work and research within HOW Global’s Green Hub projects.