Ghana hub project where herds of cattle come to share the same drinking water 2010

In Ghana, as in our other projects, our work began with finding the most efficient way to deliver safe drinking water. Our research visits revealed that women and children in this area were fetching water from a mud hole they shared with herds of cattle, who bathed, drank and defecated there.

010_16a Nearby in the South Volta Region, many young orphan boys live as slaves, tending cattle for local landowners. Known as “Cowboys”, these little boys as young as five sleep in the fields and survive on dirty water from the river and a single portion of porridge per day offered by their slave masters.

Our mission here has been distributing LifeStraws to the Cowboys. These are individual filters that offer at least a limited means of cleaning their water. Our goal was to raise awareness of the treatment of these boys on an international level and to move towards meeting the emergency need with hundreds more LifeStraw filters donated  and distributed with the help of donations from women’s clubs across NJ.

Additionally, we have installed hand-dug wells and large rainwater catchments near schools to provide water to both the Cowboys and the surrounding communities.

While we do not yet have a Green Hub village in Ghana, we continue to provide those who are desperate with emergency solutions. Currently, we are working on a new hand-dug well in one of the most isolated communities.