South Africa

111_0143South Africa is home to our very first project, the Carisbrooke school, and is dear to our hearts. An award-winning project, the Green Hub at Carisbrooke now serves as a template for sustainability for surrounding communities.

The District of KwaZulu-Natal is now home to eight successful and independent HOW Global Green Hubs. Close partnerships with the leadership of each of these villages and local businesses and governments have allowed each program to flourish and evolve in unique ways we never anticipated. From water security to sustainable food production and growing community self-sufficiency, these clusters of villages are glowing examples of how the Green Hub concept serves as a platform for empowerment and sustainability.

Our next project in South Africa will take place in the Eastern Cape Province where we will implement another Green Hub that will support six schools currently lacking water and electricity. This project will serve thousands.

The current severe drought in this area poses a serious and immediate threat to the people of South Africa and their agriculture. More boreholes are urgently needed to irrigate the thirsty crops and supply drinking water for the people and their farm animals. Please donate Now!