United States

Here at home in the United States, HOW Global service projects focus on supporting women and children in need. We respond to disasters like flooding, tornadoes and hurricanes with immediate emergency assistance for children and schools. We raise funds and organize needed equipment for cancer patients. We sponsor crops to feed the hungry and provide health care support for the homeless.

Importantly, HOW Global works tirelessly to engage American schoolchildren in its work around the world. From fundraising campaigns to anti-bullying programs, HOW Global teaches children the value of acting with kindness and love to create a peaceful and healthy environment for themselves and others across the globe.

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Recycling Workshops and Author Visits

HOW Global Founder Rachael Paulson began this journey as a children’s author, writing about the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling. She still travels the country offering workshops and book signings to schools and organizations, celebrating our amazing Earth and promoting our responsibility for its protection.

“Change for Water” School Fundraising Campaigns

In 2013, St. Mary’s Church School in Sparta, New Jersey spearheaded a change collection project that has grown into an annual national campaign to support new HOW Global water projects in developing countries. Other schools around the country soon joined the cause. Corporations of all sizes have offered support with donations and matching programs. Even Women’s Clubs and Rotary Clubs around the country are joining in the movement to bring clean water to the world!

Anti-Bullying Programs

HOW Global incorporates fundraising campaigns and interactive lessons to support the Character Counts project and other school anti-bullying campaigns. By giving children first-hand experience with caring for the environment and others, these programs cultivate kindness and sharing.

Internship Programs

HOW Global offers internships to high school and college students, as well as graduate students seeking to support HOW Global activities, from planning to execution and work-study programs abroad. Founder Rachael Paulson personally mentors selected students as they carve out their unique path.

Environmental Mile Murals

Art and music are the perfect tool for teaching sustainability and health. In the year 2000 at the United Nations Conference for the Environment or Youth Leadership, HOW founder Rachael Paulson joined forces with Muramid Museum founder Joanne Tawfillis to create a mural project they called the Environmental Mile.

Environmental Mile murals feature themes of clean water, agriculture, recycling and global peace and are created by American school children in tandem with children from sister-schools in developing countries. The cooperative project fosters kindness and care for the well-being of others living thousands of miles away.

One special mural was created by children who lost parents in 9-11 as part of a project that incorporated counseling and mentoring.

In addition to being displayed at the Muramid Museum, which features miles of murals from around the world reflecting world events and raising awareness about important causes, our murals hang in soup kitchens, churches, children’s cancer hospitals, along with being displayed at the sister-schools in the states and abroad.