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Water is the cornerstone of stability for all living things on the planet – humans, environment and wildlife.

We share this planet with millions of humans and creatures, as well as countless species of flora and fauna — an intricately balanced web of existence in which the survival of the individual depends on the health of the entire system.

At HOW Global (a 501c3 not-for-profit organization), our work is to build sustainable health throughout the planet’s ecosystem to ensure that its inhabitants not only survive, but thrive.

Humans – uplift and empower

More than 7.8 billion people call Planet Earth home. According the the World Health Organization, a stunning 2.2 billion of them lack reliable access to clean drinking water. That’s 1 in every 3 people. Another 130 million lack food security.

We create sustainable communities through educational, hands-on mentoring programs that not only deliver water and food security, but also inspire healthy hygiene practices and guide effective long-term planning and organizational strategies.

Environment – renew and regenerate

Dramatic climate change and unsustainable land-management practices create stress on ecological systems around the world – from the canopy of the densest rainforest to the coral reefs of the deepest oceans.

By matching communities with local resources, we facilitate innovative solutions like permaculture and water-well drilling projects powered by environmentally friendly energy sources like solar and biogas. 

We engage with local government at the outset of each project to ensure alignment with community goals. At the same time, we bring modern conservation practices like recycling, community clean-up projects, tree planting and drone seeding into both school curriculum and to the wider community.

Wildlife – protect and conserve

As resources become scarce, wild animals move into human communities in search of food and water.

 This encroachment results in resentment by humans whose crops and water sources are often damaged or destroyed. It is a common scenario that plays out across the world – from elephants trampling crops and water projects to wild horses destroying property in the United States.

 These creatures play a critical role in the network of life on earth, so humans must find a way to live in harmony with them. We inspire communities with creative solutions that both empower them to protect their resources while also providing safe, resource-rich environments for their animal neighbors.

It all begins with water

Access to clean drinking water is the foundation of any project. When the daily search for water consumes a community’s focus, they simply can’t move forward.

Our first project was drilling a water well in South Africa. Securing potable water for communities in need remains central to our mission.

Humans taking action

As the only beings on the planet with the agency to effect change, it is up to us to take action. Individuals and communities, private organizations and corporations, governments and non-profits all have the ability and the responsibility to actively participate in creating a sustainable future for Planet Earth.


HOW in Schools: Even the tiniest human can take action. Our school initiative engages US K-12 students with programs that engage them with conservation, cultural exchange and our “Change for the World” fundraising projects.

College Students: Our mentorship program offers opportunities for students to take on leadership positions within their fields of study with our international initiatives.

Inspired Volunteers: The work of HOW Global is powered by a team of visionary volunteers who dedicate the best of themselves to make a difference in the world.


We can’t do it alone. We depend on powerful alliances with partner organizations, non-profits and governmental agencies to create and deliver innovative solutions to the planet’s emerging challenges.


Driven by a  strong sense of corporate responsibility, many corporations are making HOW Global a core part of their corporate sustainability programs – the tangible strategy they use to achieve social and environmental goals while sustaining successful business into the future.

More organizations are joining us every day, discovering that it is possible to reduce their carbon footprints while sustaining robust business.

We need your help now!

Join us in our mission to create a better, more sustainable home for all of us… now and into the future.

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