Our mission

Water is the centerpiece for change, the cornerstone of sustainability, and the foundation for a better world. With water as our guide, we can create solutions to many modern global challenges. At HOW Global, we believe in the goodness of bringing the life source of water to those who need it. By working to provide water security, we can take the first step in generating sustainable progress within developing communities around the world.

Our Approach to Sustainability

At HOW Global Inc., we believe in a “Hand Up, Not Hand Out” approach that centers around sustainable development and not charity. Our methodology focuses heavily on a community led model of sustainable development called Community Hubs of Sustainability that effectively engages community responsibility and accountability by enhancing both social and environmental infrastructure. HOW Global Inc. works to create sustainable development within communities of the developing world with the approach of targeting water security needs for children, community members, and wildlife. With water as the centerpiece for change, HOW Global Inc. follows a community led model that fosters hope, empowerment, stewardship, and resiliency.

Water is the most basic need of life representing the point of intersection that joins all living things on Earth. If sustainability is our goal, water must be our first step.

Water is life.